Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hoher List Observatory

     It's winter. And you're close the the most densely packed region of Europe (with humans, of course).
     Still, this is what you can see if you drive for a couple of hours :)

     The winter skies always bring good memories to me: this is how the sky looked like when I started with observational astronomy. Sure, Jupiter was in Gemini then and Capella reached the exact zenith from that location, but it's close enough to what I was looking at. It never gets old, seeing Orion fiercely staring at the Bull (Taurus, who stares back!), with his two dogs (Canis Major and Minor) running to his aid and of course, hunting a Rabbit in the process (Lepus), seeing Andromeda desperately seeking salvation from the Sea Monster (Cetus) and Perseus bravely aiding her with his newly acquired Flying Horse (Pegasus) and Demon Eye (Algol). All this while her parents, Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus look at his awesomeness with hope. Yet, they all run away as the night progresses as the big, bad Scorpius comes out and tries to catch someone! 

Mythology and stars, connected by stories thousands of years old. 

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