Friday, March 15, 2013

One night of video meteors

    I was mentioning in my previous post that I've also used my video camera during the observations night. 

   A total of 10 meteors were detected, a quite good catch I might add, as the ZHR for a visual observer in the best conditions is only about 2 around this date. From the center of one of the most populated areas in Europe I could detect the same numbers of meteors as a visual observer with perfect conditions at hand, with much higher positional and luminosity accuracy, plus no frozen fingers. 

   I'm impressed and I can't wait to see a Perseid maximum with this kind of setup :) And hopefully with a nice double station setup back at home, in Romania. A little bit of science awaits!

  A short video with these first few meteors; just make sure to spot them all as some are quite faint and fast!

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