Monday, February 11, 2013

Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) (II)

Comet ISON is due to become one of the greatest comets to grace our skies during the last few hundreds of years. Possibly. Hopefully. Comets are unpredictable. 

In a previous post I took a few pictures of the comet while it was very, very faint and far away. Only a couple of months later it is much brighter, at magnitude 16.7 V and is getting brighter by the moment. I'd like to follow this comet in its journey through the solar system. 

It we add the images after we aligned them by the stars, the comet looks like a fuzzy streak: it is moving and it is not pointlike any more. 

If we add the images by centering all of them on the comet, we'll have star trails and a nice, little comet that already has a tail and coma. 

And finally, if we just center ll the images on the comet and then make a short movie out of them, we get this: 

    More to come as the German skies will get clearer in the spring :)

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